100 days of walking: day six

The whole day today a taut orchestration of impossible competing priorities.

A mad dawn dash back from another country but only able to land in Manchester because the flights home were prohibitively expensive.

A long, drawn-out train journey across the Pennines in which I struggled to surface from under a slick of email.

One of those military precision raids on the school pickup, the cello lesson, the dog drop-off, the extra child unexpectedly for tea, the management team call at an impossible hour (half-past four on a Monday – are they insane?).

But ultimately it happened. In all that ruthless prioritising and uncompromising efficiency there was time for an hour’s walk….

“Are you outside somewhere?” asked my 12.30 call (who was late, and had to be chased, and so who was therefore at a disadvantage).

“Yes”, I replied “I am walking, I like to walk at lunchtime. It’s good for the brain. And I can do my calls at the same time – it’s efficient”.

And it was.

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