100 days of walking: day two

A totally gorgeous winter morning today – cold but bright. So after spending a frustrating 90 minutes this morning getting sucked down a rabbit-hole of work emails (why do I look at them when I’m on holiday? Why? What is wrong with me?), I set out for a longer walk with the dog today. An hour and 45 minutes total – still pavements to try and keep the dog somewhere approaching clean!

To keep me going I listened to back episodes of the Standard Issue podcast – nothing like a bit of expletive-ridden outspoken feminism to put a spring in your step. There was an interesting interview with the boss of “This Girl Can” – talking about what stops women exercising. Although the reason for me is just an overwhelming lack of time/prioritisation in a life that rarely feels entirely within my control! But the point that children with active mothers tend themselves to be more active, fitter and healthier is a really important one for me. I really want to try and help my girls to develop the habit of loving exercise – it’s so important to their physical and mental health for life.

Mind you – while my long walk started in beautiful sunshine:

It ended in horizontal driving snow:

Which was bracing, to say the least!

But surely means I’ve earned a decent lunch…..

Tomorrow is going to be a real challenge. I have to catch a train at 05.56 – I’ll be travelling to a meeting from 10-2 and then travelling again from 3-5.45pm. And again from 7.45-9.15pm. Does walking to the pub count?

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